CliniStart for CROs

You do the science. We do the paperwork.

As a CRO, you have your hands full with plenty of time-crunched concerns during clinical trial startup. Administrative tasks like site contract negotiations, protocol budgeting and investigator payments aren’t your priority or forte.

Partnering with CliniStart is the perfect solution for the ancillary responsibilities your sponsor has entrusted you with. You can focus on your core strengths in clinical trial management while we handle our set of specialties with extreme skill.

We enhance financial planning by developing accurate and comprehensive protocol budgets.

Our proprietary CliniStart Catalyst SaaS allows you to easily automate steps and monitor accountability in administrative functions.

Our high level of performance will make you look like a hero in the eyes of your sponsors.

CliniStart takes pride in delivering high-quality concierge services in our areas of specialty that others may downplay as an afterthought or a tiresome burden.

Contact us to discuss how we can help meet your challenges as a CRO.

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