CliniStart for Sites

Cut delays and aggravation in CTA negotiations.

Research indicates the most rate-limiting aspect of the startup process is site contract and budget negotiations. Such delays bear zero correlation to the suitability of your site or the clinical knowledge of your investigators.

Enter CliniStart, the world’s first dedicated SCO – Site Contract Organization. Working with us, sites gain an experienced negotiator they can trust to effectively advocate for their unique needs. We avoid startup delays by managing CTA negotiations with expert understanding of how to efficiently navigate the study startup process.

Our efficiencies result in faster study startup and happier sponsors without additional out-of-pocket costs to sites – and there’s no need for sites to work in a portal.

We root out hidden costs associated with clinical trial participation to calculate more accurate site budgets and boost your financial peace of mind.

CliniStart takes pride in delivering high-quality concierge services in our areas of specialty that others may downplay as an afterthought or a tiresome burden.

Contact us to discuss how we can help meet your challenges as a clinical trial site.

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