What We Do

Contracts and budgets. Narrow focus and deep expertise.

CliniStart’s innovative solutions for sponsors and CROs focus exclusively on clinical trial contracting and grants management.

Our experts handle contract negotiations and protocol budgeting with extreme skill. We make it easy to monitor and automate these services with our game-changing software solution, CliniStart Catalyst. That’s all we do.

As a drug developer or CRO, you have other top priorities in clinical trial startup and management – but fundamental administrative tasks are also vital. CliniStart handles these functions with the finesse and high-level attention they deserve, to avoid any startup delays or confusion. We reduce your administrative burden and eliminate bottlenecks so you can focus on the important work of the clinical development process.


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Contract Negotiation

Using the right resources to get your study started on time.

Site selection and patient enrollment are commonly blamed for study startup delays, but incomplete contracts are even more of a hold-up. After all, no study can start before the contracts are signed.

CliniStart speeds up the CTA negotiation timeline by drawing upon an international team of experts who understand how to quickly and efficiently navigate the study startup process. Instead of leaving contract management in the hands of less-experienced internal staff, trust CliniStart to dot the I’s, cross the T’s, and get all the agreements signed on time.

Experience >

ExperienceInternational team of expert site contract and budget negotiators who love doing their work.

Speed >

SpeedProprietary processes and efficient workflows coordinated for rapid delivery.

Analytics >

AnalyticsEnhanced performance metrics and data analytics to identify where bottlenecks are occurring.

Global Resources >

Global ResourcesGlobal template and clause library ensures all contracts reflect current laws and industry trends.

Budget Development

Establishing realistic and accurate planning from the start.

Clinical trials are such extraordinarily complex and multifaceted operations that few people can actually calculate with accuracy how much a study costs. But we can.

With our deep experience in protocol budget development and fair market value (FMV) guidance, CliniStart can forecast and track every expense. Put an end to budget guesswork and ballparking, and plan your costs with more confidence than ever before.

Experience >

ExperienceExpert team with Phase I-IV budget development experience.

Compliance >

ComplianceOur global FMV expert provides compliance opinions related to high-cost site budgets to support sponsor decisions.

Customization >

CustomizationBudget templates and parameters tailored to study, country, and site, allowing special consideration for designated repeat or large sites.

Software >

SoftwareState-of-the-art clinical trial budget development software ensures budgets align with FMV principles.

CliniStart Catalyst Software

Monitoring and automating administrative functions.

Keeping track of all your study contracts and negotiations doesn’t have to be a pain. CliniStart clients get access to CliniStart Catalyst, our proprietary software as a service (SaaS) designed by expert users to reduce your administrative burden.

Expertise >

ExpertiseCreated by contract negotiators for contract negotiators, in partnership with industry leaders in the SaaS/PaaS CLM space.

Automation >

AutomationAutomated processes (including emails, triggers, and warnings) to ensure tasks are completed on-time with accurate tracking of dates, statuses, and key milestones.

Speed >

SpeedReduction in negotiation cycle times, with instant status updates and negotiation reminders for reduced data entry.

Analytics >

AnalyticsTrack site communications and activities with customer-focused metrics based on accurate, reliable data.

As the focal point for our services, CliniStart Catalyst gives you consistently efficient processes, reduced manual data entry, and automated oversight without human micromanagement. There’s no need for sites to work in a portal, and you can easily access relevant information using powerful data analytics to monitor site activities and transactions. The SaaS is built on the world’s leading CRM platform.